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“If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young”

– Joseph Pilates

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About Nicole Alvarez

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York Nicole Alvarez began her formal dance training at John Dewey H.S. under the artistic guidance of the John Michael Goring and continued her undergraduate work in business management at Long Island University. She is also the recipient of several scholarships to some of the most prestigious dance institutions including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Ballet Hispanico. Nicole held the principal dancer position with the Lula Washington Dance Theater and has graced many stages around the world receiving rave reviews by national critics. Nicole credits her professional dance career to numerous companies including; Eleo Pomare Dance Company, Louis Johnson Dance Theater Ensemble, and Ballet Hispanico Ensemble.

Nicole has had the privilege of touring with the national tour of Disney’s The Lion King for a total of 12 amazing years. During her time touring she embarked on the journey of entering the prestigious Pilates program under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska at her studio in Arlington, Texas. Nicole holds two certifications as a Pilates instructor and continues to study and fine-tune her craft under the watchful eye of ChaCha Guerrero, her mentor.

She also takes pride in her first passion as a dance instructor and continues as an assistant to several choreographers.

In addition to her dance credits, she is a proud member of Actors Equity Associations since 2002. Her television credits include The World Literacy Crusade, national Pilates Infomercials and her list of awards include the prestigious NAACP Theater Image Award for best choreography, for her work in “You Don’t Know Me, an urban musical’’ produced by Tyler Perry.

Pilates continues to keep Nicole healthy after years of performing eight shows a week. A daily workout of Pilates always puts her back together feeling longer, stronger, and centered. This Method of Contrology continues to challenge, surprise and inspire this endless journey.Nicole enjoys being an advocate for doTERRA. doTERRA means gifts from the earth. This company has empowered Nicole to support her families health needs and reduce toxin loads aiming for a blue zone living lifestyle.

She truly loves helping others and supporting them towards a healthier lifestyle. She gets her strength and inspiration from her beautiful family.


22943total visits,17visits today


“Nicole is an outstanding Pilates instructor, an exceptional human being and one of those rare people who truly stands apart. I had the good fortune to work with her privately as her Pilates student three times a week for four months. She has the ability to transfer and apply this knowledge to an individual’s specific condition, to observe a multitude of seemingly invisible movements of a person’s body simultaneously, to communicate corrections with true helpfulness and accuracy without ever sounding condescending, and to do all of the above while already anticipating the next movement that needs to be cued.  She is extremely generous with her own time for people who show the desire to do their best and to improve upon the abilities being targeted in a Pilates program. She does all of this with a sense of goodwill and good humor that make it a pleasure to work with her.” – Dr. Meg

“It is rare that I will ever come across another Pilates teacher as outstanding, compassionate, and dedicated as Nicole is.  I had the pleasure of training with Nicole for 3 months.  I was eager to learn the deeper meaning of Pilates and she helped me to gain a better understanding of “The Method”.  In the short amount of time that we worked together my body has become toned, flexible, and stronger.  Nicole has taken me to “the next level.” I witnessed the happiness of all of the clients at the studio.” – Andrea

22943total visits,17visits today


22943total visits,17visits today

Why Pilates?

Movement Heals Each apparatus offers a gamut of benefits which including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things lead to better posture, efficient movement, relief from back pain, effortless flow through daily lifestyle. This method will build strength throughout the entire body and even support mind/ body connection. Pilates is great for strengthening and …


The 6 principals Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow These six principles are the foundation of the Pilates approach to an exercise form originally called “Contrology”. Joseph Pilates called this regimen “Contrology,” meaning ‘the science of control’. This method practiced faithfully holds the key to achieving numerous benefits. Increased lung capacity, circulation throughout, while …


Nicole is a traveling instructor with a home studio located in Philadelphia, PA. She is available to workshop in studios all over the world and privately in your home.

You may contact her using the form below.


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