“Nicole is an outstanding Pilates instructor, an exceptional human being and one of those rare people who truly stands apart. I had the good fortune to work with her privately as her Pilates student three times a week for four months. She has the ability to transfer and apply this knowledge to an individual’s specific condition, to observe a multitude of seemingly invisible movements of a person’s body simultaneously, to communicate corrections with true helpfulness and accuracy without ever sounding condescending, and to do all of the above while already anticipating the next movement that needs to be cued.  She is extremely generous with her own time for people who show the desire to do their best and to improve upon the abilities being targeted in a Pilates program. She does all of this with a sense of goodwill and good humor that make it a pleasure to work with her.” – Dr. Meg

“It is rare that I will ever come across another Pilates teacher as outstanding, compassionate, and dedicated as Nicole is.  I had the pleasure of training with Nicole for 3 months.  I was eager to learn the deeper meaning of Pilates and she helped me to gain a better understanding of “The Method”.  In the short amount of time that we worked together my body has become toned, flexible, and stronger.  Nicole has taken me to “the next level.” I witnessed the happiness of all of the clients at the studio.” – Andrea

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